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STRUCTURE & SERVICES - Engineering Group

Design for Approvals (TEO / PROECKT)
PROECKT is a set of technical and non-technical documentation organized and formatted in a mandatory way required for presentation to authorities at district, regional and state levels. We will develop the design in compliance with Client’s requirements and Russian standards. TGARBO can work with a Client to “Russianize” their design to meet Russian design codes.

Design for Tender
During the design for tender stage, TGARBO will develop the Proeckt design documents further in the form of drawings and written specifications in order to provide the technical information needed to tender the construction works.

Bidding and Contracting
Our typical bidding and contracting services include:

  • Pre-qualification of bidders based on the Client’s parameters
  • Bid management and analysis

Bidding and contracting stage of the project involves the pre-qualification and selection of bidders, the preparation of a comprehensive bid package, the bidding and analysis process, and the assistance for selection of a construction contractor. Activities performed as part of this stage will include running a pre-qualification process over several potential contractors; compilation of tender documentation and preparation of tender request and tender procedures; interpretation of design documents in response to bidders’ inquiries and issue of amendments and clarification letters; organization and attendance to bidders meetings and bid opening. Once bids are available, we will evaluate technical and price proposals and make written recommendations to the Client.