TGARBO - A project services company TGARBO - A project services company TGARBO - A project services company TGARBO - A project services company

For every type of project and execution approach we can propose a contracting scheme that will help our Clients to control risks.

Lump Sum
TGARBO is paid a fixed price based on plans and specifications that define the work.

Unit Price
TGARBO is reimbursed on a price-per-unit basis that is based on specifications and estimated quantities provided by the owner. Final payment is based on actual quantities.

Fully Reimbursable (Cost Plus Fee)
TGARBO is reimbursed on actual cost plus a fee. This fee could be a percentage or a negotiated, fixed amount. Actual costs are verified using an “open book” approach costs.

Time and Materials (T&M Billing Rates)
TGARBO provides supervision and labor at a fixed cost per hour (all-inclusive rate), including selected overhead costs and agreed-upon fees. Materials are provided at cost plus a percentage for overhead and fee.

TGARBO is reimbursed on a basis of actual cost plus a fee up to the negotiated guaranteed maximum price. The contractor guarantees that any costs that exceed a maximum price will be the contractor's responsibility. Savings below the guaranteed price may be shared between the contractor and owner.

Our proved execution approaches and flexibility of contracting methods help mitigate the client's risks by allocating the right level of control.

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