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STRUCTURE & SERVICES - Consulting Group

Site Search
When a client is interested in building a facility, they will need to find the most suitable location that fits their needs based on their own criteria. Our Site Search Services involve traveling to potential sites, gathering information from the local/regional authorities, utility companies and acquiring any other preliminary additional information available. All the data is then compiled in a report and shared with the Client. Some of the deliverables the Site Search report will generate are listed here below:

  • Location plan
  • Photographs
  • Location description Proximity to main roads and rail lines
  • Condition of existing roads
  • Area of property
  • General description of the site including any existing buildings
  • Property restrictions, if any
  • Current ownership
  • Current zoning/ allocation
  • Previous use of site
  • Probable approximate cost of lease of land
  • Availability of necessary utilities

Due Diligence
Once the Site Search effort is complete and the site is generally accepted, it is critical to conduct a Due Diligence which will gather more detailed information than what is found during the Site Search.
During the Due Diligence, TGARBO will collect detailed information on issues such as utilities (availability, capacity, construction requirements, and hook-up fees), construction restrictions on the property, rezoning and permitting issues, and approvals. At this stage TGARBO will obtain official papers from the local authorities (and different approving departments) confirming their interest in the project development in this territory. In addition, TGARBO can also arrange (if required by the Client) a site survey and soil contamination analysis which are both essential pre­design steps. Environmental assessments can be carried out in compliance with ASTM Protocols and EPA laboratory methodologies.

Project Management
Our Project Management Services provides Clients with the know-how in all sectors of the Russian construction industry. Along with the general project coordination we can be a liaison between the Client and the design company or Russian Design Institute. Some of the project management activities include:

  • Definition of objectives and events
  • Work planning
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Resource estimation and allocation
  • Management of project tasks
  • Project controls
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Issue solving and change management
  • Previous use of site
  • Probable approximate cost of lease of land
  • Project close-out