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STRUCTURE & SERVICES - Construction Group

Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management EPCM)
EPCM meaning the client either contracts TGARBO directly or an MCC Partner to carryout Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management while the Client directly contracts a construction company to carry out the construction work.  This option has the advantage that TGARBO will implement all the tools necessary to manage the construction work on the owner’s behalf.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)
Teaming up with General Contractors which are part of the Moscow Construction Consortium, TGABRO can offer full EPC services meaning the client will contract to carryout engineering, procurement and construction.  Although this is a general approach, TGARBO can tailor it’s services to suit client’s needs

Construction Management
If considering there will be a General Contractor carrying out all construction works, we believe that a full construction management service is not actually required but rather a construction administration service focused on schedule and cost control, technical supervision, HSE and requirements of Russian law in regards to Author Supervision and Technadzor.
During this stage of the project, TGARBO will serve as the Client's advocate in construction and will protect the Client's interest during the construction.
TGARBO will establish a team on site who will work with the General Contractor to provide the Client with a consistent level of control over the entire construction process.
TGARBO will strive to minimize additional costs and keep project scope, schedule, and budgets in line with the Client's expectations.